Nog eens: Apple Iphone

Wat de iPhone t.o.v. z’n concurrenten betekent op de markt wordt mooi samengevat in dit artikel van Mike Davidson:

If you can still get a free phone somewhere and that suits you, then great. But for the person thinking of spending between $99 and $799 on a Nokia, Motorola, Palm, or Sony, how can you even think about those alternatives given where the iPhone just went? The quality/feature/usability gap is so large that even a hatred for AT&T canā??t keep people away now.

This sounds overly simplistic, but I really do think Apple just split the mobile world into two choices: settle for a free phone or buy an iPhone. There just arenā??t many reasons to do anything else.

Hoe kun je inderdaad nog overwegen om iets anders te kopen? Omdat de iPhone geen fysiek toetsenbord heeft? Toetsenbord? Schmoetsenbord! Blackberry? Schmackberry!

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