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Well, it seems my experiments with Ecto have taken a turn for the worst…

I have a couple of blogs on the WordPress platform, and those seem to work perfectly with Ecto. No problems there.

Most of the blogs work on, however are on Blogger, and as of yet i haven’t been able to use Ecto with my existing Blogger account. I’ve tried everything described on the Ecto website, but to no avail…
I get as far as entering all the account data (setting up the account in Ecto is a breeze), but the minute it tries to “collect” my recent posts from Blogger it just loops endlessly.

Pity, because there’s some really nice features that actually work. The price is OK to: 14.75 euro so I was going to buy a license, but now I’m not so sure.

Does anybody have any experience with Ecto? Care to help me?

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