Blogging anew: Ecto

Today I’ve spent a small, but not insignificant part of the day experimenting with a little (sic) blogging app called “Ecto”.

The introduction of the read me file included in the package reads as follows:

Ecto is a feature-rich desktop blogging client for MacOSX and Windows), supporting a wide range of weblog systems. Ecto is the successor of the wildly popular Kung-Log, which has been in use by thousands of Mac users and which earned a 4.5 mice in the MacWorld July 2003 issue, a 4.7 rating by users of, and a 5.0 rating by users of

Good pedigree as you can see. And feature-rich is a bit of an understatement. But we’ll get back to that later.

The first thing that pleasantly surprised me about Ecto was making a connection with this existing blog. It’s as simple as entering the URL of your blog, your username and password, selecting a few options and pronto: Ecto retrieves the most recent posts from your blog. Easy. Which is nice.

Now, the main reason for this experiment – now I come to think of it – is quite simple: as I don’t have access to Internet all the time, this way of working (keeping an offline archive of my posts) allows me to work offline. My newsreader (Newsfire) also keeps a local archive newsfeeds if have subscribed to. So this method of working allows me to be offline to write posts. Excellent.

Another reason for trying this app is the fact I don’t really like working in a browser window. And more importantly, having to switch between different blogging interfaces all the time is, in my opinion, something I can do without. With Ecto I’m hoping to be able to unify these different user interfaces. I’ll be writing more about this and my experience with Ecto in later posts.

At first glance I’m giving this app an OK. If further experiments proves to be as positive as this first one, I’ll probably even buy this app.

One of the “extra” features which caught my is the “iTunes” button. If you press it, it writes something like this:

Let’s Take A Trip Together from the album “Cure for Pain” by Morphine.

Correct! The name, name of the artist and the album of the song you were listening to. I am listing to Morphine as I am writing this. An excellent song containing the excellent phrase “Let’s go somehere where there’s distractive breeze of information”. Originally written in 1992.

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