Helvetica the movie

Helvetica turns 50 next year!

Time to celebrate and of course, as it is so befitting for the times we live in, time to make a movie about the typeface.

Helvetica is probably the well-known of all typefaces, and one of the more controversial ?? the perfect window through which to introduce general audiences to the esoteric world typography.

I hope they will at last reveal the awful truth about Helvetica and Arial.

When it hits, do it.

I’m talking about inspiration.

In one of the previous posts I was going on about the new design & layout for this blog. I’m afraid I have to say I probably was on some weird kind of drug, trying to work with elements, shapes & colours which I find totally uninspiring. Blue, green and curved lines totally suck.

Saturdaynight I had this “moment of clarity”. In the middle of saturdaynight actually.
My personal world is red, black and white and contains very little curves (only in the right places anyway).

So I’ve redesigned the future look & feel for Z.R.L.N.D. Starting with the frontpage.

Z.R.L.N.D. design

Adobe Bridge + Camera Raw

I learned a nice trick how to check for clipped highlights and shadows in the Photography course yesterdayevening.

If you use the exposure and/or shadow sliders in the RAW-conversion panel hold down the Option-key (or the Alt-key on Windows) to see where exactly in your image clipping occurs.

From the help files:

Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) while moving the Exposure slider to preview where the highlights are clipped. (Clipping is the shifting of pixel values to either the highest highlight value or the lowest shadow value. Clipped areas are either completely white or completely black and have no image detail.) Move the slider until the highlights (not specular highlights) are completely clipped, and then reverse the adjustment slightly. Black indicates unclipped areas, and color indicates areas clipped in only one or two channels.


Google Calendar

I’ve recently switched to Google Calendar (after being seriously hasseled by my co-workers, who thought it was fantastic). So I switched.

At first, I have to admit, I really didn’t get it. I have been using iCal since version 1 (really like it), so I didn’t understand what the fuss was all about. gCal is really just a browser version of iCal. With some parts missing and a whole lot less userfriendly…

But then this morning, it hit me: gCal is what iCal actually could have been if iCal would have been crossplatform and free. Yes, I really think Apple missed an opportunity here.
Anyway, now I’m looking for some tips and tricks to use the shared gCal calendars directly in iCal. Just google for google calendar iCal & you’ll find plenty.

New blog

Look at me, again starting a new blog, and I don’t even have the time to keep this one up and running…

Well, I’ll just see what happens. I’ve started this new blog: mijnd200.be to collect all my thoughts & musings about my photography and the training I’m following at the Art Academy in Ghent. It’s in all in Dutch by the way…

So if you’re interested: head on over to mijnd200.be.

My favorite works of art

A while ago we went to visit the SMAK museum in Gent, and, lo and behold, they had some of my all time favorite works of art on display. And, really, I’m talking about my personal top 10 here.

  • Bird, by Edward Lipski
    Bird � Edward Lipski
  • Niké of Samothrake by Yves Klein
    Nik?© of Samothrake â�� Yves Klein
  • Pyramide by Gerhard Richter
    Pyramide � Gerhard Richter
  • Red Painting by Avery T.C. Preesman

Really nice to be able to enjoy these works. They make my day in a way… Like saying:”Everything is, indeed, OK.”