My close friend & very appreciated collegue Bart was thinking about his “actual”, “secret” and “dream” job title. He didn’t pass me the stick personally (as in relay race), but I’ll pick it up anyway.

“Graphic designer” – “Salesperson” are – I think – my actual jobtitles.

“Explain-It-To-Me-Person”, “Espresso Machine Manager”, “DIY Dude“, “Friend of MissFilo“, “Whiner” and “Irritating A******” and “ZRLND” are – in my current perception – my secret job titles.

The jobtitle I dream of is “Impossible Eclectist”.

It all very much depends on circumstance.

Once a week

One word, one color.

Suggestions are welcome.

Using the color and the word as a lead I’m going to make a simple graphic design. The design should make the meaning or an aspect of the word clear. The color acts as a boundary or limitation for the design.
It’s just a bit of fun. An excrcise if you will.

Next one coming up: yellow, separated.