Speculative creative work #1

A couple of weeks ago a business relation we had done some work for earlier contacted us to “poll” if we would be interested in creating a new design & lay-out for their corporate website. Needless to say we were very interested, as webdesign is what we do.

After the first contact it became clear we were expected to take part in a competition with a few other webdesign companies to create 3 “screenshots” of their newly planned website. We were asked to create a design for a homepage, an intermediate page and a content page.

At first we squarly refused to take part in any such competition because, quite frankly, we think this way of working is just like a clay pigeon shooting contest: throw some designs up in the air and see which ones the client shoots down.

So we said: “Thanks, but no thanks. That’s not how we do business.”

A few days later this same client contacts us again and insists we participate. I mean really insists. So we decide, still after some hesitation, to play along.

A bit later we receive some graphic files, containing logo and some product shots, a quite complicated six level deep information architecture, and the word “go”. We only communicated with our contact in the company, who was one of the decision makers, but we were unable to meet all of the people who had a say in the matter.

During the next couple of days, after some serious thinking about the complicated information architecture and the rather limited possibilities of some of the graphic material, we created these 3 designs:

The homepage

Homepage concept.

An intermediate page

Intermadiate page concept

And the content page

Content page concept

All, in all we were quite happy with these concepts so, we were quite enthousiastic to send them out to our client to get their reaction. We were expecting some kind of meeting where we would be able to get feedback from the decision making team and maybe alter the designs…

So, what do you think happened next? Can you guess?

5 thoughts on “Speculative creative work #1”

  1. HTis seems to be dated but I will comment anyway.
    I am in the creative industry as well and believe that people get what they pay for.
    you may never know what happens but they will et burned in one way or the other, if they haven’t already.

  2. I think this discussion is a bit outdated but i wanted to comment on this because it happend recently with me too.

    Two companies, mine and another, same subject, but insted of 3, 2 pages. Ours was much better, but they copied it and improved it, other colors, …

    They got the job.

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