MacBook, ShMacBook

What’s the deal with this new MacBook? Marketing tactics at Apple always were excellent, but this time they’ve overdone it a bit.


If I compare the prices and the specifications of the top-end white MacBook and the Black MacBook over at the Apple store, the only discernable differences are:

  • 20 Gb of diskspace
  • black case

and of course a difference in the pricetag of 200 euro for the black MacBook.

Which is, of course, nice for Apple: everybody I talked to lately (well there are a few exceptions of course) wants a black one. The white one doesn’t even seem to be an option. People do look at the specifications, and do seem to notice that the specs are the same, but when asked about the price almost everybody fails to mention the 200 euro difference in price.

After mentioning the extra 200 euro the WhiteBook still isn’t even an option for most people. The BlackBook is coveted above all other models. Think different, indeed. Problem here is that everybody thinks different.
This all rather ties in nicely with a little book I’m re-reading: “Nation of Rebels: Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture” by Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter. In of the chapters they describe how “the desire to differentiate oneself” is one of the fundamental engines of economy. I think the BlackBook is a perfect exemple of this theory.

And, by the way, who ever said that design doesn’t sell?

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