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I had an interesting little conflict today: I’ve been looking around for a while now for a Nikon 50mm f/1.4D AF Nikkor lens. I really like this lens & I’m ready to buy. I’ve been searching the web for a local shop that has one in stock.

I found one yesterday at this site: It seems they have one in stock & the price is very sharp. But I’m having serious doubts about this site. I’m not at all confident that this purchase will be a success.


Well, for starters take a close look at that frontpage: it says: “Welcome to bvba Geheugenkaart” but in the URL-bar of my browser it says: “”. Furthermore: you’re looking at an “Untitled Document”.

And it gets worse once you’re inside. This whole operation does not look professional.
Now I’m wondering why I don’t have any confidence at all in this webshop? Is it purely a question of the look and feel, the design of this site. Is it the lack of attention to detail?

What factors are important to you to have confidence in a webshop?

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  1. I know someone who knows someone (ehrm, well yes, that doesn’t sound too good, does it?) who bought some gear there, and apparently they’re ok. I’ve tried to buy a digital camera there, but it was no longer in stock in the configuration I wanted. Sometimes the site isn’t updated, so you should always check by mailing or phoning them first.

    But the prices are always good, that’s a fact.

    But hey, check 50 mm 1.4: 269 ? How about that?

    They charge 25 ? for shipping however (don’t know what’s the policy at geheugenkaart). I’ve ordered there, an the service is super.

    Your choise… 🙂

  2. Well, SPh, in the end I did contact them via mail & everything seems ok.

    My problem with their site & shop persists: it does not give a great deal of confidence… I was just thinking about what it is about an online shop that gives a first-time visitor enough “confidence” to place an order…

  3. is zéér goed. Scherpe prijs, goede transactie en snel geleverd. I recommend it.

    Bij de hollanders kan je ook eens bekijken om de prijs te vergelijken.

    Als je eens mailt of telefoneert naar de belgische winkels, vind je vaak betere prijzen. Jammer dat ze daar niet on-line adverteren.

  4. True, the site doesn’t look professional at all.

    Usuallly I ask different people (in real life, if possible) if they have any experience with a certain webshop. That’s the only opinion I trust.

    The simple fact that the site looks ok, just isn’t enough for me.

    But then again, dropping the ugly font and colors they’re using, wouldn’t harm anyone… 🙂

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