This weekend I’ve been working on the “thank you” cards for the “Sacrament of Confirmation-happening” for two of the kids of my brother-in-law. Silke and Maud they’re called.
Well, I don’t know how to describe it accuratly in English, it’s called “vormsel” or “plechtige communie” in Dutch. It’s some sort of Catholic rite at the age of twelve, supposed to welcome you in the Catholic church or something. As I’m not Christian, I can’t really remember what this rite is all about…

For the kids it’s simple though: presents & lots of ’em. But I’m being a bit cynical here.

Anyway, I’ve been working on their “thank you” cards. It’s custom here in Flanders for the kids to give such a card to all of the people who attend the mass, or party afterwards. They tell me what they want, I make the designs & supply them with an odd 100 cards as their gift for the occasion. Which is usually a big success with the kids.

Basically they flip through some of my graphic design books, point out what they like, I make some designs based on their choices, we print the cards & everybody is happy. Much easier & straightforward compared to working with grown-ups.

The designs are nearly finished, I’ll post them later.

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