Typeface poster

One of the problems I often encounter when working on a design which encorporates type is the problem of actually selecting a suitable typeface.

Sure, I have a general idea of what I’m going to use in any particular piece, that’s not the issue. The problem pops up when I want to try something different, something new. Selecting a typeface I’ve never used before, usually involves wading through several sites of typevendors, flipping through a very thick typecatalogue or some other tedious, time-consuming activity.

In the end I become bored with this useless search & fall back on my favourite 12 typefaces.
So one day last week, this idea pops into my head of making a poster of the typefaces I like best and hanging it in my office. This way I could just glance up from my computer screen, look for something I like, walk closer to the poster (this solves the “stretching-the-legs-every-now-and-then” issue too) and select something appropriate for the job at hand.
Of course this won’t solve my problem with any newly available fonts, but it’ll hopefully inspire me to select some new typefaces for use in my work.

Anyway I drew a sketch up of how to organise the different typefaces on the poster. I was not planning to put them in alphabetical order, thank you very much. Just take a look at the sketch.

Typeface poster.

The 12 typefaces I like best go in at the center, the rest I’ll have to catagorise in work/play and simple/complex. Nice & simple. No complex catagorisation in serif/script/sans serif/etc.

What do you think? How do you select a typeface from your collection?

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