Motion 2: fiddling with particles & paths

Following the Motion path tutorials in Motion 2 by Dave Nagel over at, I started fiddling around with the concept of placing a particle emitter on a motionpath, and making the particles follow the path.

I’ve been thinking about this concept for a bit now, as I need some visuals for the website for a client who suggest motion, complexity, direction, connection and depth. Our client specializes in very specific hosting services and network solutions. A good idea, all in all, I think to push the visuals in the afore mentioned direction.

Anyway, as I was fiddling around in Motion 2, I stumbled across the Drift Attractor behavior, which solved my problem pronto. It’s really easy: just draw a shape, select Make Particles from the Object menu, drop on a Motion Path from the Basic Motion Library (change the shape of the Path as needed, from the Simulations Library drag & drop the Drift Attractor Behavior & pronto: your particles are attracted to the Motion Path.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to re-write this in a decent tutorial. Maybe.

Below is one frame of the result and you can download the file here: Apple Motion 2 file. (Right click on the link and choose “Save Link as…”. Mind you: you’ll need Motion 2 to open this.)

Drift Attractor Test in Apple Motion 2.

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