4 things I love about the web

It seems popular to do a love/hate type of thing on Valentine’s day. Here’s what I love about the web:

  1. View Source: the web wouldn’t exist in it’s present form without it.
  2. The “newness” of the web: it’s a very young system of publishing, so the conventions (or standards) have yet to be “agreed up on”.
  3. The “Connectedness”: all content can be connected to other relevant content.
  4. The “Immediacy”: hard to explain, but I sometimes perceive the web as “an extra brain” or “telepathy”… Forgot something? Look it up on the web.

4 things I hate about the web

It seems popular to do a Love/Hate thing on Valentines day. The “pet hates” are easiest to do:

  1. The all Flash singing & dancing website: completely opposed to the fundamental nature of the web, therefore obsolete by default.
  2. The crudeness of HTML – CSS: I keep getting flashbacks to 1988 when I learned to set type on a Laser Photo Typesetting System.
  3. Total lack of typographic control in HTML – CSS: don’t even get me started on this one.
  4. Browser wars / browser incompatiblities.