The end of 35mm

Interesting press release over at Nikon UK. In short: 35mm is dead, we’re moving to digital all the way.

Well, the latest SLR camera’s are looking quite good. I’m talking about the Nikon D2X and the recently announced Nikon D200 (I admit, I am a Nikon-boy all the way…). Bit expensive for the non-professional user, I think, but nevertheless 2 decent pieces of kit.

I’m still struggling, however, with the “loss of information” problem. Neither of those two cameras comes even close to the amount of information you have at your disposal when using a good 35mm film in combination with a half decent scanner. Not even close.

Of course, the major benefit is speed, no doubt about that. I want both, however. I want quality and speed. People seem to forget that to double the resolution of any camera, you need to quadruple the megapixel count. So I’m not investing any time soon in a digital SLR, unless someone releases an affordable 48 megapixel camera.

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