New Kodak logo

Looks like Netlash isn’t the only one who’s working on an new logo & visual identity (not that we can be compared to Kodak, but nevertheless…).

On January 6 Kodak unveiled it’s new logo. Out with the old “boxy” style, in with the new and “open” look.

Some people call this “70 years of brand recognition flushed down the toilet” and I think this could fuel the “realign – redesign” discussion – a discussion that never was one in my opinion. The point being that it’s all about change and whether to change your look or not. The “realign – redesign” is a discussion about amounts of change.

So back to the new Kodak logo. I like it. I liked the old one too, but this one I like better. Besides, it’s a logical progression in the use of the brandname (just google Kodak and you’ll see what I’m talking about). Throughout the years Kodak has increasingly applied the name “Kodak” separately from the visual mark.

So: wise decision, good work.

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