Internet Explorer 7

Allow me to be mildly cynical about the Internet Explorer 7 update announcement. Not only is this update a tad late, I fail to see any incentive for Microsoft to add any open standards support to the update. Of course security will be further improved, no question about that, but why would Microsoft add any support for standards?

To play “nice” with the competition? To brush up on their image? To please web developers? No, I seriously doubt any of the above reasons would motivate the developers in Redmond to do that. Maybe to win back marketshare? Please, IE still owns about 94% of the market. A number that will diminish slightly further as more developers, bloggers, coders and people who actually care about what browser they use, will download a different browser, but will eventually grind to a halt when the world runs out of easy converts.

And if the scurityholes in IE get fixed, why would your average user go through the trouble of installing a different browser? For these people it only means they have to do more work.

Now all of this doesn’t mean I don’t hope the update will include open standards support . I just think it won’t. Future? Please prove me wrong?

Interesting article on Apple’s points of focus and recent history.

Interesting indeed. I for one was quite surprised to read that the origins of the Final Cut series and iMovie lie with Macromedia. Apparently a lack of interest from Adobe to develop these applications urged Apple to pickup a languishing product from Macromedia.

Some excerpts here at Fortune.