Netlash changes.

I’ve been thinking, sketching & experimenting for a while now with a new logo for Netlash. I’m at the stage in the design process where I quickly jot down a couple of ideas in my sketchbook & at the same time think quite a lot about the underlying ideas which have to be expressed by the logo. We’re moving office next month & we thought that would be the perfect opportunity of streamlining our visual identity

Well, the above paragraph is actually just another way of saying: “I’m trying to do something interesting with that darn logo.”

The present situation.

Below is a representation of the current logo. Plain & simple, set in Helvetica Neue with a vertical dash between the two parts of the name. Almost too simple.

First thought I had was to get rid of the vertical dash. It divides too much. The two different font weights also don’t help to create any unity between the first and last part of the name. That Helvetica typeface will have to go too.

This design is 3 years old. We were all quite happy with the design but now we do realize it’s time to move on…

I found this very interesting read at A List Apart: Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign. Although I don’t agree completely with the writer’s point of view, he does present some challenging thoughts in the article. But I’ll return to that in a future post.

Thoughts for the next design.

I made up a resume of ideas & thoughts that somehow will have to find a place in the new design. This list is in no way final, though, it’s more of a “wishlist”. I always try to compile a list like this to keep track of what I’m actually doing:

  • visual reference to the web (Internet) in general (that’s the core business here at Netlash)
  • a visual element which indicates “focus” on an individual website, or “channel” to an individual website would be nice
  • the design has to make clear what the last part of the name actually stands for (it’s derived from whiplash)
  • Netlash is quite serious about it’s business, but is always careful to maintain a human touch

I’ll be happy to get at least 3 of these “wishes” into the design.

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