Striking & The Internet

This morning, as I was driving to the Netlash office, listening to the radio, an interesting thought struck me. The newsreader was talking about the national strike going on here in Belgium, a number of unions are protesting against the “Generation Pact” proposed by the Belgian Government, and casually announced after finishing his report that because of the strike there would be a replacement programme on the radio. The radio stations would just play non-stop music.

I thought: “Ok, so alternative content on the media, but what about the websites? What are the TV and radio stations going to do with their websites? If they are making a replacement programme on TV and radio, why not do the same thing online?

So when I arrived at the office, first thing I did was check all of the websites of the media. All of them were in perfect order. Of course articles were published dealing with the national action and such, but not one of them seized the opportunity to actually “put their website on strike”.

I really think this is a missed opportunity.

It would be a relativly easy thing to do: just replace the frontpage with a simple message, something along the lines of: “Due to the National Action, this website is unavailable.” Just to take it offline for one day would be a very strong signal to visitors.

Again: a missed opportunity.

However, don’t take all of this too seriously. This is just my opinion.

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