Is Apple The New Microsoft?

Now, listen up, folks. It is my own strong personal belief that there are no stupid questions. This question, however is testing that belief to it’s limits.

Is Apple the new Microsoft? Of course it is. Just as Microsoft is the new IBM. And “insert smaller ‘cool’ company” is the new “insert bigger ‘uncool’ company”.

Has Apple made a mistake? Of course they have. Can they rectify it? Of course. Will they rectify it? Certainly not. This is just a minor hiccup in the ongoing struggle of a company with a changing media landscape. Remember: the Internet is the most democratic medium of all. Think different about that fact for a while.

2 thoughts on “Is Apple The New Microsoft?”

  1. Is Apple the new Microsoft? Yes and no.
    Attacking your own fanbase is not very smart and the argument that web sites are not “legitimate members of the press” is perverse. It’s amazing that Steve Jobs does not comprehend the growing power of Web logs, but it would not be the first time that Jobs misses out on something the first time around…

    On the other hand, it must be pretty frustrating for Steve that his TA DA!! moment in his keynote is spoiled time after time. Jobs is human after all, although some people might doubt it. And no, Apple is not the new Microsoft! Because Apple keeps dishing out stylish and solid products.

  2. “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.” Hassan I Sabbah and opening sentence of Naked Lunch. Who’s Apple to say what you can write. Wrong. Apple has always been a Microsoft. And they better be, because its big business. They should sue the sites and people who posted unrightfull info. Because its big business. It gets you on blogs and makes people think that you take your business seriously. And before you know it, the good old microsoft/apple debate is up and running again. Just like it always has. Because its big business. In the end it doesnâ??t matter witch side you are on, youâ??ll pay. (It doesn’t matter if youâ??re on Clark Nova or Martinelli as long as you get the job done.)

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