Mac Designer’s Config

A question was put up over at Whitespace to describe your “Designers Config”, meaning the software you use to do your graphic design. I’ve posted my basic configuration there, I repeat this config here with some additions:

  • RSS Reader: NetNewsWire
  • Graphics Software: the Creative Suite by Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign (for print), Acrobat & Cinema 4D for 3D graphics. If you’re serious about graphics. I also use Dreamweaver for web publishing & easy site management. Suitcase for font management.
  • Word Processing Software: MS Word. Well, the whole Office suite actually. Seriously considering Pages (part of the iWork suite) however.
  • Where do you put the dock? Hidden at the left hand side of my screen. I use Dragthing instead of the dock. I really hate that dock.
  • Music Player (any besides iTunes?) Nope, use iTunes. Get an iPod. You WILL love it. Better yet: get the complete iLife suite. There is NOTHING comparable to it. Nothing, I say.
  • Text Editor: BBEdit
  • And not your “standard” graphics apps but “useful” in a way: Auto-Illustrator by Signwave for some goofy stuff, Iconographer for easy icon editing, MacOSaiX for mosaic pictures and last but not least: CosmicPainter, for the spaced out funky stuff…

Of course you already know I do graphics & webdesign over at Netlash.

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