Mac mini all about movies?

Robert X. Cringely wrote an interesting piece on the new Mac Mini. In his article he made an interesting link between the Mini and serving media content:

When OS X 10.4 ships, the Mini will suddenly become Apple’s version of a media PC. Like the iPod, it will be a simple device that serves proprietary content, in this case HD video. Just like Gateway, HP, and Dell before it, Apple will start selling in its stores HDTVs, only they’ll carry the Sony brand.

My first thought was: “All good & well, but if I’m to store a couple of thousand songs, over 20.000 pictures, and, say, a few hundred movies then that hard disk starts looking awfully meager.

Enters the magic word: “expansion”. However, we all know how Apple thinks about upgrading a Mini (quoted directly from the Apple site):

Memory, AirPort Extreme and internal Bluetooth upgrades must be performed by an Apple Authorized Service provider; fees may apply.

Then I started thinking how “stackable” the Mini actually looks. Why not simply put a big hard disk, maybe throw in a TV tuner, put it all in the same enclosure as the Mini and stack ’em all up? How cool would that be? It would be this cool:

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