Dutch Light – Hollands Licht

After seeing the last 20 minutes of the Dutch documentary “Dutch Light – Hollands Licht” on TV, I was so impressed, I immediately ordered a copy with Fnac. I must say: a brilliant documentary on the use of light in paintings, particularly in the landscapes by Jan van Goyen and Jacob van Ruisdael, and in interiors and still lifes by Johannes Vermeer, Pieter Saenredam and Willem Claesz Heda. It is most interesting to hear the opinion of a number of contemporary artists on the subject of “Dutch Light” & what the abstract subject actually means to them, personally.

Beautifully directed by Pieter-Rim & Maarten de Kroon, easy paced, never gratis though, you can lose yourself while observing the gorgeous images.

If you want to order a copy you won’t find any on Amazon. You might find more info with Kieskeurig.

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