Dutch Light – Hollands Licht

After seeing the last 20 minutes of the Dutch documentary “Dutch Light – Hollands Licht” on TV, I was so impressed, I immediately ordered a copy with Fnac. I must say: a brilliant documentary on the use of light in paintings, particularly in the landscapes by Jan van Goyen and Jacob van Ruisdael, and in interiors and still lifes by Johannes Vermeer, Pieter Saenredam and Willem Claesz Heda. It is most interesting to hear the opinion of a number of contemporary artists on the subject of “Dutch Light” & what the abstract subject actually means to them, personally.

Beautifully directed by Pieter-Rim & Maarten de Kroon, easy paced, never gratis though, you can lose yourself while observing the gorgeous images.

If you want to order a copy you won’t find any on Amazon. You might find more info with Kieskeurig.

Johannes Vermeer

I have been looking at the paintings of Johannes Vermeer a lot lately. Especially the painting called “Gezicht op Delft” (View of Delft), painted around 1660, which presents the audience with a -seemingly- simple view of the city of Delft. But, as is often the case with the paintings of Vermeer, the painting draws the viewer in, guiding him/her into a more intense observation.

For me, that’s the key word with all paintings by Vermeer: observation. The works invite you to observe, nothing more, nothing less.

Go see this painting for real, by all means. You can find it in the Mauritshuis in Den Haag (The Hague). If you want to know more about the background of this one particular painting, here’s an interesting article by Kees Kaldenbach. For those bold enough to make their own attempt: here’s an article on “How to paint your own Vermeer”… Go figure.

My Mobile Gear

Very fond of my mobile gear: Apple 15 inch PowerBook: lets you actually work on the road. Nokia 6310i: very decent phone, that. Palm Tungsten T3 handheld: large screen, everything you want from a handheld. Tomtom navigator: can’t find anything without it. And of course, the object I move it all in: Alfa Romeo 147.

And what makes all this stuff work together? Right, you guessed it: Bluetooth. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t have Bluetooth. Honestly, can’t imagine anymore what life was like before Bluetooth. How many times can you say Bluetooth?